GoT my electrex kit!!!

Finally after over month trying to get xrsonly to send me the stuff it finally came! Of course, it was packed pretty badly and 1 blinker was broken. I hope they send me another one.

It does not come with directions for installing it. Anyone know where I can get them? They mentioned that it needs a high powered stator? But nothing is included.. How do I get the stator? Im a mechanical newbie. The shop is charging over 300$ to install this, I just want to save a little money and hopefully take that money and buy a nice white brothers exhaust and get it tagged.

I am disappointed on its weight. The thing weights alot. 10-15 lbs, and it puts the weight up front. Anyone know if its possible to relocate the battery and ignition. Its really heavy.

How heavy are the eline and baja design kits?

The rear brake light plastic seems to be for another bike, because it does not fit properly. Or perhaps I am being too picky. But it does not line up with the trail plastic of the xr. It is about 1 thiner.

Where do the blinkers go anyway?


Congrats on your purchase. You can get the install instructions from if you can read/print .pdf files. You can get by without the higher powered stator if you use a 35W headlight (I think). I am surprised it was packed poorly, mine was in Electrex's packing which was quite good. I bought mine through for a 20% discount off of the White Bros. price. Do yourself a favor and install it yourself. I am only of average mechanical skill and it took me a couple hours to install. Let me know if you have any questions and I will answer any that I can. Talk to you soon!


I noticed you are in VA, we might have to hook up for some riding with Stonewall one day :)

Do you have any pics of your BRP? I am intersted in seeing your rearlight, is your rearlight plastic from electrix a bad fit?

Mine has a gap of 1 inch on both sides, and if I make flush against the rear of the top fender, the opposite part is 4 inches off the fender? Did I get a part for another bike??

Is it possible to relocate the battery? Its just so much weight on the front end.

I am in VA, but am currently set up for road (or fireroad maybe) only with Avon Gripsters. I can get a pic of the bike up in the next day or so. I think you got the correct rear lit part, but you have to open up the hole in the middle about a half inch on each side to go around the existing tail light socket inside the rear fender. The install instructions show it pretty well. I can take a pic of that too maybe. I'm not sure if you can relocate the battery. I don't notice the weight at all being on the street, and the fact that this is my 1st dirtbike. My battery doesn't work anyway.....I really should call them about that. It hasn't taken a charge since day 1. Perhaps I did something wrong, but I don't think so. At any rate, it didn't need to work, I got inspected locally with no problem whatsoever. One thing you will want to do is get a regulator to shunt any excess current to ground if you get a higher powered stator (or rewind your own). I skipped on Electrex for this and had my local guy order me one from Moose. I think it was $15. I'll see if I can get those pics posted this morning. See ya!

How heavy are the eline and baja design kits?

My eline kit weighs just over 5 lbs. :)

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