FS: BBR Kick Starter for YZF/WRF

Excellent condition, lighter than stock. BBR retail is $160, so make an offer around half retail.

I might be interested. Will it fit a 250F, or is the shaft smaller? I have a WR250F on order and I want to use my YZ426F Ty Davis lowboy tank/YZ seat on it. The problem is that the kickstarter on the 250F is different than the 426 kickstarter and does not fit in the recess in the tank. If your kickstarter would fit the shaft and the tank recess I would buy it from you. I will contact Ty Davis and see if they think it will fit. Why are you selling it?

I don't know if it will fit my 250F. I will look at it and see if I can tell. I figured the shaft or pivot might be different. Your tank and seat should fit.

I'm selling it because I sold my 426F. It looks like I have a buyer for it.

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