Valve maintenance

Is this link ok for 07 450s?

i've got an easy 50-100 hrs of sand and trail riding and haven't checked the valves yet. she is running quite wonderfully now, but i guess it wouldnt hurt. the manual makes it look fairly easy. but seems like there is a bit of stuff left out or too simple instructions. any more resource material out there? I did a search...

geez i went over the manual again and its actually detailed pretty well. unlike some stuff...anywho while i was at it i thought about something. why do people put aftermarket cams in? more lift on the valves? would you get more power without a piston kit?

there are some good youtube videos on checking and shimming valves, checking it is pretty simple, just put it to tdc, take the cam cover off and shove in the feeler gauges untill you find one that fits with a little resistance. If its all within spec your good to go, change your cam chain if you want extra insurance, especially at 100 hours.

it's easy just dig in and get r done, yamaha makes the best OEM manual of any manufacturer IMO, and they make it very easy to find TDC. Checking them is super easy, if you actually have to change the shims then it gets a little more involved, but still not hard after your first time

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