Honda TransAlp 600?


my dad is buying a 600 TransAlp and I was wondering if anybody knows of a site, sorta like this one, that he can go to get information and advice on the bike.



Greetings SpottedMarley.Try to locate a Stainless steel supertrap muffler for the XLV-600 if you can (more power and sounds AWESOME!!) Try the search engine thing for "Honda Transalp" they have always had a huge following over in Europe and there's bound to be Web. forums "over there". Good luck.

Try this link :D I rode the Transalp for ten years primarily as a street bike. I now have a DL1000 Suzuki V-strom which is like a more modern Transalp. Suzuki is also making a DL 650 this year. :)

Try Yahoo search, Honda Transalp registry.It has tons of info on peoples bikes (mods , problems).I love mine (second one i've owned).It fireroads ok,and i try and stay away from singletrack ,but its Smokes my Xr on the street(and Harleys). :)

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