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kenweld, 8 consecutive baja solo finishes!

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Kenweld is know as "El Hombre de Hierro" and the children of Baja know he will finish any event even before it is advertised on any calendar anywhere on the web.

Kenweld is so determined that Apple, Microsoft, Dell and the Department of Defense have tentatively schedule him as keynote speaker and included a budgetary congressional approval for Fiscal Year 11-XX...Keep in mind that companies like Boeing and Nasa don't have any budget approvals passed fiscal year 12.

Kenweld will finish any solo event that Score no longer requires him to rent the IRC tracker. Sue at Score, has him on speed dial #1, Sal Fish is #2, Paul Fish #3 and so on...

Ivan Ironman Steward sold his business because Kenweld recommended it.

Robby Gordon has now placed Kenweld on his payroll and conference calls with him on a weekly basis. Usually by 0800 on Monday morning.

Kenweld is recognized on every Pemex station from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas...of course the gas attendants only speak of him as "El Hombre de Hierro"...

At Coco's Corner, Coco has one book dedicated exclusively to Kenweld's Ironman History....the book is now full and is located under Coco's mattress - lock and key.

XX Beer is replacing the Most Interesting Man in the World with Kenweld, effective last year.

Lance Armstrong has been unable to surpass Kenweld's Baja records...and never will.

Tiger Woods became a sex addict when he realized that Kenweld is the "Master of the Masters".

Kenweld's blood fuels the Joint Strike Fighter and the Nasa Space program into Orbital Exploration of the un-explored Galaxy's.

Baja Rudy gave up racing when Kenweld did his first solo Baja 1000 race. ๐Ÿ™‚

Baja Rudy quietly attends Score events and stays un-notice, indoors, and only goes out at night so Kenweld can ride the XR650R down the Baja Peninsual - SOLO..

The State of Baja California Norte has named the Riviera Convention Center as "Kenweld's Convention Center" effective yesterday.

Redbull, Monster, Rockstar (to name a few companies) will bottle a new sports drink called "Hierro de Kenweld."

Travis Pastrana nuts look the size of BB guns ball bearings as compared to Kenweld massive nuclear atomic weapons of mass destruction...the only way to see them completely is by Google satellite Maps.

the Muhahidin of Kabul, Al Qaeda and the Taliban will never even consider going to Baja for fish tacos and beer - EVER.

When Kenweld shows up in Ensenada for a Score event all Cruise Ships have to leave port 12 hours prior to his arrival. For security reasons of course.

If Kendweld is riding solo at night in Baja el Chupacabras has never been seen, reported or otherwise attacked anything - Ever.

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Just one word "MAESTRO" Good luck on this years Baja 1000 all the way to La Paz, it's been my goal to one day solo the Baja 500 and 1000 at least once, Go get them that ice cold tecate it's waiting in La paz.

Baja Rudy you forgot one: "Kenweld has a special room both in adelitas and hong kong design specially for the machos of machos".

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Ken had a goal of racing 3 years in a row, all of Scores bike races, and finishing them Ironman in the Sportsman classes.

Up until last years 1000, he did this without chase support as well. You got it, that means if it breaks down on course, he fixes it himself. No chase crew to saddle up and change a tire or straighten the handlebars after a crash. He uses Baja Pits for his pit stops. He doesn't pre run, but instead, just races what ever is laid out in front of him. His chase support now is a female friend on an Honda XRL 650R that chases him via the connecting highways and roads.

He rides the street from his house in San Diego to Ensenada for the 500 and 1000, and trucks his bike down and back for the SF 250. After the race, except for the 250, he rides his bike back home to San Diego. Same bike, with race tires and all, back and forth from home. His bike is a dual sported XR 650R Honda. Ken pays his own bills for racing, but is always looking for sponsors if there is one out there that would pay to have a Sportsman Ironman racer race for him or her. He races Sportsman, because he pays his own way. Sportsmen is the cheapest M/C class, $ wise, to race in.

No spare wheel sets scattered down the course. Baja Pits has spare m/c tubes and tires if you tear one up, but they are mounted to your bikes wheels. I think his tire of choice is the Dunlop 606, and I think to he runs Bibs front and rear for flat protection. The Dunlop 606 is known to be able to last the 1000 miles of a Baja 1000 on the orginal tread for teams other than the hotshoes.

Its comes down to this.

1) He wanted to race Ironman for 3 years in a row after watching "Dust to Glory".

2) His goal was to Ironman, and finish all 9 races in that time span w/o a break in racing.

3) His choice of street legal bikes was slim when he started, so he chose a now discontinued bike, the Honda XR 650R as his weapon. It was already Ca. street legal.

4) He looked at the pit crews offering services for Baja, and choose to go with Baja Pits. They were the only ones at the time giving two weekends worth of pre run pit stops before every Score Baja race, and knew Baja better than anyone down there.

5) He is now one race short of finishing 3 years worth of Score races in a row.

His bike can be seen at "Fun Bike Center" in Kearny Mesa, Ca, on display until one month before each race. The last time the B1K went to La Paz, Ken rode back to San Diego on his race bike, a few days after the race. That's 1175 + miles down and 1175 + miles back (Door step in San Diego to La Paz, and back home again). All for a finisher pin.๐Ÿ™‚

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Added tire/tube info
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:thumbsup:The best bunch of Race People in the World Race BAJA!!!:banana::eek::worthy:๐Ÿ˜‰:worthy:

Thanks and see you at all at the BAJA 1000 w/30psi of tire pressure in your tires!


I thought you said 45 psi before. If I drop down to 30, won't that make the edges of the tread on my steel belted Chen Shin Desert IT wear too quickly?

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I don't care who says what...

Ken is a true IRON RIDER... IRON BUTT... (do I dare say IRONDUDE?!) and one helluva marketing guru. Keep it up Ken, and don't let your cardboard cutout get legs and walk off. :eek: Ride on!


Very impressive. I guess my question would be why would someone want to ride 8 Baja's in a row?? Also who pays your entry fee's and are they looking for another rider?

too funny Gary... you've seen his sponsors?! If not, they are all over his TT posts and plastered on his bike. I personally take note of the pink... and it's cause (seriously). :banana:

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