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Which Front tire next

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Yep I know people are always asking about tires, sorry but here we go again. I ride Colorado trails which are really a mix of everything from mud and loose dirt to roots and rocks. I currently run a maxxis maxcross IT on the rear which I love and a D756 on the front which has worked well for me. Now that the D756 is no more I'm not sure what to do next. Options are maybe a Michelin S12/M12 or perhaps the Maxxis M7304D Maxxcross Desert IT Front Tire or Maxxis M6001 Intermediate Front Tire. I'm not sure that I want to go the Dunlop M51 route... Seem to hear mixed reports on that tire.

So has anyone go an opinion for the front tire? I'm staying with Maxxis o nthe rear. Thanks!

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I would definitely not go with a 'hard' surface front tire for those conditions.

The bridgestone 403 or pirelli mt18 might be worth a look.


The MT18 is an awesome tire. I've run two on mine so far. They wear incredibly well both on the street and in mixed terrain. Living in Colorado I don't do a lot of mud. But I did ride an enduro that had heinous mud. I ride a lot of rocks, lose dirt, sand, hard pack, everything. With it's rim lock and heavy duty tubes, I've never flatted.

I haven't tried the HD version yet. I hear it is more of hard terrain tire. Still, I would like to try it for more open, desert or dual sport type riding. They cost the same.

Pirelli's are great tires that wear very well and are worth the extra couple bucks.

If you buy the HD, have your dealer mount it. My mechanic mounts tires for free if you buy the tire from him.

Attached are a couple pics:

Prepped for the Jumping Cow Enduro (Muddy!):


Trail 717 last spring - no wipeouts:


Knarly terrain?....no problem.


I just put a 739 FAJ on the front. For anything but hard terrain it is terrible. Plus it is not DOT approved like the MT18.

Buy the MT18. You'll get at least 1500 dual sport miles out of it.

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The Starcross is an excellent tire. I've had mine on for a year and it's just now getting to a point where it needs replaced. 756 seems to let go with me in some situations, not good. I've run the MX51 on the front of my KTM and it seems to have equal grip or better than the Starcross. I was pleased with the MX51 on the back until I had a flat and it disentegrated before I could get back to the truck. I went with the Maxxis for the rear, and have used the Perelli Scorpion rear too.

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Michellin S12. I have had incredible results with this tire. It is has the best grip I have found in front (rear too- some people say 'to a fault' in the rear) and holds up amazingly well even in rocks and hard stuff. Can't say enough good things about this tire.

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I have never had to change a front tire because i dont run on roads. on the rear i have had a perelli scorpionbefore abnd it was sweet.

i have just recently bought a kenda millvile and i love it even more. the terrain im on is rocky, muddy, dry, rooty, and

basically anything you can think of and i like the kenda much better. its a great tire.

sorry for all the breaks im on my cell and it wont let me go any farther haha

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