2004 WR450 Hotstart cable routing

I'm assembling the bike (2004 model WR450) after purchasing it in pieces, so I'm trusting the manual to provide me with the correct routing instructions for the cables and wiring.

In the manual it appears that the hotstart cable is routed across to the right hand side of the frame and through the retaining loops beside the throttle cables, then up to the handlebars.

Is this the correct routing, as the hotstart cable seems too tight when routed this way, and I've had to move the clutch/hotstart lever in an inch to provide enough free play.

I'm tempted to just run the cable on the LHS of the frame, but am worried that it might get pinched when the bars are turned.

I should mention that it has taper bars installed, but I can't see why that would make a difference, as the bars appear to be the same width.

I've worked out that my carby is actually off a 2006 YZ450 and the YZ hot start cable is shorter than the 2004 WR cable, so I have routed it on the left hand side of the frame as per the YZ cable routing diagram.

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