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Jet ?

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I'm finishing my 3X3, exhaust, JD jet kit project tomorrow.

2009 DRZ400sm (not CA)

3X3 is cut to precision

I live at sea level (but I have several passes that I ride in, but usually ~4000')

Yoshimura RS-4D exhaust

stock carb and filter

JDFM050 Fuel air mixture screw

The plan:

160 main

25 pilot

Blue needle

3rd clip


Thanks for all the info, I've been using the search a ton.

Eddie, thanks for the battery bracket. Bigger battery=strong start, works great.

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I found this on the Yoshi web-site, it is so different from anything else I've read. If I read it correctly it is a bigger hole (more air) and higher flow exhaust, but stock jet and an extra shim on the needle. I'm not sure how that compares to what everyone else is doing...

Air Box Modification:


1. Remove seat. 2. Cut supplied 3.625” x 4.5” template.

3. Place template onto airbox as shown in Fig. 3. Mark outline of template with a permanent marker.

4. Remove airbox and filter. 5. Cut airbox along the drawn outline.

Note: Be sure to clean airbox of any debris reinstalling onto motorcycle.

Carburetor Jetting Recommendations:


1. Remove carburetor from vehicle; refer to Suzuki Service Manual .

2. Use stock main jet.

3. Install Mikuni pilot jet # 25 (Not Supplied)

4. Install supplied shim onto needle. (See Fig. 2.)

5. Re-install carburetor in accordance with Suzuki Service manual.

Thanks again for the help.

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This thread has perfect timing! I have almost the exact same setup and about to install my JD kit! Although I'm getting the K&N air filter...

Frankly I'd tend to go with what Eddie has said over Yoshi. Not to discredit them but I believe Eddie is probably more well versed in all things DRZ.

Eddie, I know I'm meant to start a new thread to ask my own jetting Q - but will the K&N make a diff to my jetting or will it be the same as what you stated for drzgon

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Finished my jet:

The start:

2009 DRZ400sm

stock carb

stock filter

JD Jet Kit

JD fuel screw

Yoshimura RS-4D Full Exhaust System

3X3 mod cut with 3" putty knife heated with blow torch (not the 3.5X4.6 hole in the yoshi instructions)

The Jet:

Stock Pilot jet

160 JD jet

Blue needle with clip at forth position and stock spacers re-installed (did not use yoshi spacer)

JD fuel screw turned out 2 1/2 turns and then and additional 1/4 after starting the bike to balance the idle and stop it from dying (total 2 3/4 turns).

The end:

Hopped on and road away. Big throaty sound and more power all the way through.

Thanks again, I hope this helps the next newbie-tuner.



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