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Clearing Gifford begins (pix)

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I adopted trail 30 and went up there with buddy Jake to clear it. Started up the trail and clear a few little logs and trail trash and got to the turn off for the look out. Decided to clear that too and Jake and i took off.

Jakes trail clearing rig...


Jakes setup...


See that yellow handle that looks like it could snag something...

And see the perfect indent where it implanted in the tree?


See where Jake lost control...


then again...


See Jake not so happy anymore with his new back pain and $180 chain saw in 2 large chunks, thats the chainsaw handle in his hand...


So... Chainsaw was not usable and we decided to do what we could with hand saws and trimmers. Which in the end might have been a good plan. Seems a nice feller we ran into later in the day had just come up and cut out the 2-3 trees across the trail. So we set out to clear the many faceslappers and down trees we could move by hand...




A few small snow drifts remain...


Trimming it back...


now 30 (Spencer Butte) and the view point are clear and face whipper free. Fun trail again.



then we went and rode 80 and 80a to some bigger tress down a ways after the new bridge. We might cut them out tomorrow.

Thanks again for the new bridge Steve and crew...


Love it...


Then we went up 3 to the snow which is right after the long open area when you first dive into the tress. going to be a while before we get to Boundary.

Happy to be working / ridding Gifford again.

BTW, we met many hikers and they were all super nice!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Quick vid i took...

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It's a 09 WR125 with a 144 kit. LOVE that bike. The tires at Motoz Terrapactor's, It's there lightweight MX tire and works great on the 125 and NW clay etc. Heading back out now for more trail work ๐Ÿ™‚

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we did some trail clearing on 30 last june......


all with one tiny folding handsaw!


i thought it looked a little familiar...


met a few guys coming up trail the other way, they had been clearing their way up


good on ya!๐Ÿ™‚:worthy::banana:

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Just got back. 20 trail miles, 35 plus good size trees!!! Trail 2 and 18 are cleared to the snow line which is disappointingly low. 2-4 weeks before we summit and hit boundary I am afraid.

- THANKS Jake, awesome work day. ๐Ÿ™‚

Pix later. Sleepy and need beer.

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WOW!! I thought the 10 or 11 trees we got at table mtn ( north of ellensburg) on saturday were ok. 35....man thanks for the effort guys!


And I mistakenly thought this was going to be an EZ year. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Thanks Kelly and Jake. Today we went up and rode 80 from road 90 and up 3 until the snow. The trails were really clear and looked great.

Red-ish SUV with a trailer parked right across from the trailhead?

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did you get that nasty tree on the 30? the one where you ride through the stump.

We cleared 30 Sat. Did you see something?

BTW we saw your trailer and YZ at lower falls but no truck. Where were you?

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