help first ride on my new WR450 high pitched whistling

about 1/2 way through the ride my bike all of the sudden started a high pitch wistling at about 5 mph, not at idle and didnt seem to be related to engine RPM. Not brakes the noise would continue with them on or off. any ideas out there? is it harmful?

i kind of noticed a whistling noise the first time i rode mine.....

I think it came from the exhaust... pull the little tiny peashooter out of your exhaust and see if it goes away

Also, if your running a full metal bash plate, it can reflect sounds, and set up some really funky "harmonics"..

My top front, and very back bolts on my bash plate were beginning to strip out, so I drilled all the mounting points out, tapped them, and went to bigger hardware, and now it fits very tight and snug. My first drive out, I kept hearing this "whirring" sound on and off...stop...get off bike...listen...nothing...get on's back...get off bike...go to other side...listen...nothing...back on's

It onlt started since I fixed up the bash plate, so I can only figure it's something to do with that (Sound reflection/harmonics...)

X2 on the exhust as a possibility as well though. Mine with a megabomb/Ti PowerCore combo without the spark arrestor makes a crazy "klacking" sound at low RPM...sounds like a license plate slapping in it's mount with vibration....put in spark arrester, and it's gone....

These engines seem to make some pretty funky noises as a rule of thumb compared to other engines.

If it sounds a little like a 'bird chirpping' it is the carb, the FCR's are famous for it. Perfectly normal.

thanks for the inputs! the sound I am trying to describe is a high pitched whistle very continuous starting at 3-5 mph. and going away around 20 mph. I was riding about 9500 feet in elevation. on the way down my son was riding it and it seemed to go away, riding it around the house last night I couldnt get it to happen again. Just trying to figure it out, so it doesnt cause problems on the trail in the future.



Did you change the oil? If so what with?

Mine has been doing this 06WR450 far from new but I think my front brake is slightly hanging up or something.

I hear the same thing when i'm rolling slowly. I've come to believe its the mechanical speedo making noise that you'd never hear if you were on the motor.

Mine does it too at slow speeds. I chalked it up to still having the AIS on my bike or the FCR. When I twist the throttle it goes away, so I'm not concerned.

I finally found it. It is the rubber seal for the speedo!cleaned an lubed squeek is now gone.

up at the speedo or down at the wheel ?

I finally found it. It is the rubber seal for the speedo!cleaned an lubed squeek is now gone.

We have a winner.

Mine did the same thing, little grease under the rubber cap where it rotates on the hub and no more whine.

whoop whoop!! who called that one? Mr. Walker... you sly dog....

Hey I've had my 2012 wr 450 for abit now and one day in the bush this whistle started just like you described it so I greased the speedo up rode it and it went away for a little bit but now is back help please ???

Is it boiling over into the boil catch bottle ? Under certain conditions it will whistle like a steam kettle.

Nah I've checked that already I'm certain it's the speedo

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