2001 yz 426 clutch help

I have just purchased 2001 yz 426. I had opened the clutch and noticed there was no oil at all it was completely dry and i also noticed that the clutch pressure plate was rubbing the inside of the clutch cover and there were shavings.

Any feedback would be great I'm kinda freaking out and im totally new to 4 strokes .

Bad ju-ju. (But you knew that already)

It has a dry sump engine, but it should have oil in there and it should not be rubbing anywhere. I would suspect a fried oil pump, which would mean bad things everywhere.

I just went through it with a project bike. It had trannie problems, which shed metal flakes that fried the oil pump, which in turn, cause oil starvation to the top end. This cause several burned cam journals.

I don't mean to be doom and gloom, but I'd say a total tear down is in order

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