Installation instructions for sunline V1 MDX Front Brake lever

After much back and forth, I finally decided to go with the Sunline V1 MDX levers for my new 2010 YZ450.

According to the Sunline web site, the same front brake lever fits 08-10 so I ordered up a brake and clutch set.

The brake lever did not come with instructions...not to worry, I have changed out brake levers more times than I care to admit (yes, there is a reason I want to go with 'unbreakables' right out of the gate :)). So I am thinking "how hard can it be"?

Well, either I am missing something obvious or..well, I must be missing something obvious.

I took off the stock break lever, no problem. As I went to install the Sunline, I noticed the lever did not have an indention for the pin that runs into the brake cylinder; it was flat. The way the stock lever is designed, the pin that runs into the brake cylinder has a round hole about 1/8" deep which allows the rounded pin to nest inside creating a locked in fit.

The Sunline does not have this same indention which raises two issues:

1. With no depression for the pin to seat into, I am unable to get the lever to line up with the mounting holes because the pin is too long.

2. Assuming I can solve issue 1, I am a little concerned with a round pin head butted against a flat surface. Having the depression on the stock lever created a nesting that pretty much locked that pin in place so there is no way it would ever slide out. Not sure if the round head against a flat surface opens the possibility of the pin sliding out.

I checked the sunline website for installation instructions hoping for pictures or directions but came up empty.

Has anyone else run up against this? If so, how did you solve it? Does your Sunline have a drilled out depression similar to the stock lever and they just packaged the incorrect lever? The model number on the packaging matches the model number on the Sunline site for a 2010 YZ450. I tried to be as descriptive as possible but can send pictures if I did not do a good enough job describing the various components.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I too ordered the same brake and clutch levers and found the same problem. I returned it to Motosport (brake only) and let them know there is a problem with their part numbers, etc.. and that it did not work. Like you said, no indent for the pin. In my opinion it just doesn't fit/work without that indent. Next call is to sunline to see what's up. Also, notice the clutch lever does fit, but makes it seem like the cable is then too long. Odd.

The V1's I bought for my "07" RM 250 and my "08" KX500AF(KX450) fit as advertised. The ones I purchased for my "05" RMZ450 did not fit. The OEM clutch lever perch has too narrow of an opening for the V1's thickness and if I remember right there may have been some issue with the brake side as well. I thought maybe I was sent the wrong set but each box said "05" on it. They do fit the KX though? I think the V1's are one of the best levers on the market but they seem to have some P/N issues and what they think will fit a particular model and year!

wrong lever, the arc brake lever i have for mine has the hole for the pin.

I ended up talking to the Yamaha shop I ordered from and decided to send them back and go with the GYTR folding levers. I was hoping the Sunlines would work but based on the comments I am reading here along with the conversation I had with the shop, it just feels like Sunline is not making a product that fits correctly.

I am very confident the GYTR will fit :)

You probably just got the wrong lever/part number.

guys, as a sponsored rider i can tell you got a production error that slipped through the cracks. the are on the problem but some did get sent out before being caught (mine included). call sunline for a fix or one industries as they are together now. hope that helps everyone!

i got 3 of the wrong levers from motosport myself. i went on yamaha's website and called my local dealer with gytr part number ( which is a sun-line brake lever ) and i got the correct one from them.

Yamaha's website does not have the up and down unbreakables, only the forward moving lever.

I just bought the sunline V1 that apparently is supposed to work with my 2010 yz450, I am having the exact same problem as the original poster.

This is crap, I really want to use these levers and it sounds like sunline is not going to deliver.

I'll stop by my dealer tomorrow or wed to see what's going on, either way I have to return them as they do not fit at all. Clutch works fine btw.

Going to email sunline and see what they say as well.


So I got a new unit from my dealer who ordered in the exact same part number from the warehouse. Went in to pick it up today and this one has the exact same box, same upc, but now has the right brake lever! This one has the little divit where the master cylinder piston pin fits into.

Jumpdirtnow was right on post # 7 in this thread.

lever looks sweet.07 crf450 has a little spring that i have no idea where it goes.should not need instructions for a lever,.now my brake drags and feels spongy.should have stuck with oem. i would be done

No problems with mine since I sorted it out. Brake lever bent, but the lever is very comfortable and works great!

got it to work!!had to file down perch a right next to where it hinges.pretty gay though but it works now

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