Every moto riders dream

I found this pic on the Australian Yamaha web site. Ive always wonderd what the traction would be like. never had the balls to find out.


You need to see Motohed: Time To Ride, an off-road riding vid. There is a long section in there of Ty Davis on a yellow YZF making tables out of tee boxes, berms out of sand traps, and double jumps out of bunkers.

Pretty cool, actually...


There is now a Motohed II also... :)

I second the time to ride video. It's good.

Ditto above. I'm a pretty avid golfer, but it was great to see Ty tear it up! :)

Ditto above. I'm a pretty avid golfer, but it was great to see Ty tear it up! :D

Actually I would have liked to see Ty twist the throttle a little harder than he did.

It was pretty obvious they had some kind of deal with him that he could only do the jumping and riding IF he didnt roost or lock the brakes. The only place he threw any terra firma was in the sand.

None the less it was still sweet watching him ride on the course :)

One thing the video fails to mention is that Ty owns the golf course. Don't try this on my course or you will be shot! :)

when my 450 had new tires.... back in the day around a whole 2 m onths ago, we were going to move so i took the wr on a fresh field of green grass by my house.... nice and thick and new 739s on the rear wheel ahhh yes a little blip of the throtle... lofts hte front wheel right in the air... then a roll on the throttle sends the rear wheel by your side and mud grass gophers snakes and hwat not all in the air :D :D :):D :D :D :D :D... wow lots of fun :D :D :D

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