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removing siezed swingarm pivot bolt..my solution

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had a bit of trouble getting mine out the other day on my klx450 but in the end i won. here's what i did..removed nut and laid the bike on its side and sprayed liquid lanolin(penetrene would also do) in gaps between swing arm and frame repeatedly, then turned bike over and did the same from the other side.how much this part helped i'll never know cause i also used the next step before making the attempt which got it out. i then stood the bike up on its stand, started it and allowed the engine to warm up for a couple of minutes without boiling the coolant. while it warmed up i got a jug of ice water and blocked off one end of the hollow pivot bolt and put a tube in the other end so when i poured the ice water in it would stay there.i turned off the engine, poured the ice water into the bolt and waited a minute...pulled out the tube, inserted a bolt that i had prepared earlier with some brass washers on it so as not to damage the pivot bolt,then gave it a fair hit with the 7lb hammer, and low and behold she started to move! i then tapped it back and forth a few times and sprayed some more lanolin in there to get it to move a little better so it required less force to tap it right through. after getting it out i gave it a good sanding to get rid of the pitting and corrosion and smothered it in anti sieze. after reading some of the horror stories on here about the trouble people have getting these out i thought i might share this in the hope that it might just help some one else....

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