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i have a 93 xr250l all stock.great shape, ran great.all the sudden it died and had no spark,i went over everything two or three times and found nothing wrong,so i started testing stuff.the coil should have a resistance reading on both tests,mine was .3 which is correct,but between the plug wire and green wire i got 0,which says its bad,also the pulse generator should read somewhere in the mid 400's i get zero,which says its bad,but i found a little corrosion on the spark boot resister and cleaned it now it has spark and runs,but the test readings are still the same,according to my test this bike should not run,and my tester is working properly! can someone give me test readings off of known working parts? i tested an xr200 and the coil gave me the same as mine but the pulse gen. gave me a reading of 89,i know they are different but at least the 200 was showing resistance,im stumped.

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