Broken Spark plug cap

Ok, so when I got my 01 yz 426, The spark plug cap had tape on it. Well while I was in the process of removing the cap yesterday it finished breaking. I ordered one this morning from the TT store, but I'm not sure It will be here in time for my ride this weekend. The cap broke where the screw that goes in to the wire takes a 90 degree turn into the head. There is a rivet that connects an eyelet to the screw. So what I have done is place a screw through the eyelet and used a plastic nut of sorts to secure it. I will use a piece of 1/4 fuel line to cover this, and use black RTV to seal every thing up. My question is, does anyone think that I may damage any other electrical components by doing this? There is 1 ohm of resistance from my new screw to the female end of the cap. Any help or comments will be appreciated. Thank you

any bike shop should have a new cap in stock

I'll call my local shop tomorrow, When they are open and see if they have one and for how much. If they do maybe I can cancel my order from TT in time.

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