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Was anybody at Log Road MX open practice on June 27th?

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Hey guys, were any of you at the Log Road MX open practice last weekend? (June 27th) I crashed and for the life of me can't remember how it happened. I was behind my buddies so they didn't see it and I was hauled off to the ER before I could ask anybody. All I remember is going up towards the whoops section and then "coming to" in the middle of them. So I'm trying to figure out what happened; did the front end drop, did I get bucked, somebody hit me, etc.🤣 As you can see it's been bothering me enough to go and create a thread. :banana:

Thanks 🙂

Oh and I did a little write-up with some pictures here.


Here's a picture of my bike and I was wearing black w/green strips gear.


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