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2002 DRZ400S with cough

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I have a 2002 drz400s with a mean cough when the throttle is opened quickly. This happens at about any rpm, but more in the taller gears. The bike runs great except for this cough. I like to ride dirt/gravel roads and fast woods riding. The bike has done this since I bought it 3 months ago.

The airbox has been modified.

The bike has stock exhaust.

I ride mostly at about sea level.

I was told the p.o. put in a Dynojet kit.

When I got into the carb, I found 142.5 main, 22.5 pilot, clip on 3rd slot from top of needle. Extended mixture screw 2.5 turns out.

Using a Uni filter.

My plug looked nice light brown.

I've tried moving the clip position and it seemed like the 2nd from top was better than 4th from top. The p.o. might have had a pipe and removed it prior to sale, but not sure.

Also, I'm going to Colorado in 3 weeks for about a week and will be riding 12,000 passes. Will i need to rejet and if so which jets? Thanks for any help, I'm not sure what to do next.

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Yes all washers are in the correct places. ( I checked the schematic to be sure) I moved the clip all the way to the first position on the needle and it seems to be better, but there is still a cough.

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