XR650L jet info

Hey guys,

recently got a BURP (Big Ugly Red Pig), 2000 model and was wondering if anyone had any Honda part numbers for jets to richen it up or any other part numbers from an alternate jet source.



You should do a search on "uncork" in the forum. There is a wealth of info on just what your doing. Are you keeping the stock exhaust and just fattening up the low end or buying a pipe and doing the whole deal?

If you want to open up the XR650L your best bet is to get a jet kit from Baja Designs. My friend has a XR650L 2003 model. We put a FMF Power Core pipe and the jet kit from Baja Designs. The jet kit was a easy install and had a lighter spring to help with the CV carb being slow to respond to cracking the throttle. The pipe and jet kit really woke up the beast inside.

For now, all I’m looking to do is richen it up some, not planning on getting a pipe since I really don’t want to make it loud. I just can’t believe a 650 can feel this anemic! I’m not trying to convert it for hardcore off-road use, as we only use it now and then for leisurely riding. If I can find a reasonably quiet system for little money later, I may consider it.

I was hoping to find some OE jets and just tune it a little, but if the only way to get them is a DynoJet or similar kit, then so be it.

The smog pump was gone when I got it, it currently has a UNI filter in it and I plan on gearing it down some, as we really don’t ever get over highway speeds. I take the wife for leisure rides and we plan on taking it to the mountains when we go again to do some exploring. It just could use some more oomph off the bottom when running 2-up.

Thanks guys!


I agree with GRIMMER, go with the Baja designs kit and while your at it get the smog block off kit and shed some pounds by getting rid of the stock exaust, I use Supertapp IDS2, saves quite a few pounds and you can add or subtract discs to move the power band around. Note you need to do the mods or at least let them know what mods you are going to do in order to get the jetting right. :)

As I mentioned previously, the smog pump was gone when I got it and they used the block-off kit when it was removed, so I don't have to worry about that. :)

How is the IDS2 for noise (?) because that is a big concern to me with this bike.

That's another reason I was hoping to find a variety of jets, so I could tune as I made different changes.

Thanks again!

Baja Designs' jet kit works great on the XRL. I bought a kit from "Factory Pro" that had a 5-clip adjustable needle and a couple different main & pilot jets. Here's what I ended up with to make my bike run right: 158 main, 55 pilot, needle in 3rd clip, slide holes drilled to 5/32" (with the stock spring). I run a Supertrapp IDS2 with 8 discs, airbox snorkel removed & smog block-off done, riding from sea level to about 2000 ft., and the jetting is pretty much spot-on for these conditions/mods. I've ridden at almost 10,000 feet and the only adjustment I had to make was to dial the fuel screw in about 1/2 turn or so.

Also, take a Dremel and trim away part of the ridge on the bottom/side of the float bowl that keeps the fuel screw from turning, so you can adjust the FS. The way it comes from the factory, you only have about 3/4 turn of adjustment available.

The IDS2 is a pretty quiet pipe, not much louder than stock at all. USFS tested mine at a ride last year and it blew 92dB. My buddy's XRL with a White Bros E-Series/Quiet Core blew 96dB.

Thanks Mac,

Did yours come with the lighter spring? I'm not familiar with "Factory Pro"?? Who is this?

I have about the same rig as Mac and I run a 160 main and a 58 pilot with the stock exhaust at 800 ft. Amazingly enough, overall I think the bike runs better with the stock baffle in, making me wonder if the aftermarket exhaust systems really add any power. The weight savings would be nice, though.

Get the IDS2 with the quite core and yuo'll be fine, if I remember right it saves 8lbs. :)

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