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Bottom End Died Today

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So my top end was fine when I got home and broke it down. Tools to take bottom end apart will be here tomorrow. Looks like I can get a Hod Rod or Wiseco assembly for $225 (I anticipate replacing the assembly)

My first question is where did the "splitting the case" sticky thread go?

Second question is can I use the Hot Rod Stroker crank assembly? Without further major modifications?

Obviously I will replace piston rings etc since I am at this point is there anything else that needs to be done while I am at this leave of dis assembly?

I was letting my buddy ride, he had to sell his bike due to a broken leg last year. Very thankful the crank didnt lock up in mid air(4 secs earlier).

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change the timing chain also. Good time to look at the valve guides. The exhausts are usually the ones to go bad.

Not too good with finding stuff on these computers. You need a 15 year old kid for that!

hahaha 🙂 but yeah check your valves and cam chain make sure everything is within spec. since you're already there might as well do it all. in my (not a lot) experience when you replace everything that needs it and nothing that seems it, thats what will go next and soon. i had a bike bought in a private sale and the guy said new topend blah blah blah. it was a new topend because he blew it up and then didnt replace the crank. i tried it out and it ran fine, brought it home, the crank went and grenaded my whole motor

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