Tire Size

What rear tire size do you guys prefer. The 110/90-19 or the 120/80-19?

I've only used 110/90/19's so I can't answer, but to anyone out there with experience on both, Is it noticably more difficult to get into ruts with the wider tire?

The only differences I noticed are the price and difficulty of tire changes. I get 110/90's.

I like the 120's, I had a 110 Kenda (shite tire btw) on for 10 hours of runtime and then put a 120 Bridgestone on and I've got 16 hours on that tire. I can't say for sure wether or not I notice a difference, but it sure is nice knowing that I've got something that makes a nice big foot print on the back.

I didn't notice any difference in turn-in from the 110, some guys say that the 120 is slower/harder to lay over. I also havn't noticed any increased difficulty in changing them, in comparison to a 110. They both suck.

I put a new Michelin HP4 120 on the back for my last race and that thing hooked up like crazy ! But track conditions were ideal so a 110 may have performed as well ?

I like a 120 on my 450 but now I am on a CRF450 they rub the chain and dont fit correctly

im a 110 guy myself. never really tried the 120s except on friends' bike so i cant really be sure 100%. but to my anything that will make the bike "feel" lighter and easier to lay over is a winner

I like a 120 on my 450 but now I am on a CRF450 they rub the chain and dont fit correctly

Have never had that problem running the 120 on a Honda and thats all my buddy runs on his. Sounds weird. I prefer the 120 on my 450 and I even run it on my 250 2stroke. The 120/80-19 weighs the same as the 110/90, and you get the advantage of a wider foot print.

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