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Kickstart/Output shaft questions

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I have a KLX110 that hqas a dodgy kickstart.

After searching and reading the posts here I have come to the conclusion that I may have a broke output shaft :-(

The symptoms is that the kickstart works fine sometimes and other times it simply falls to the bottom of its stroke. There is no slipping or ratcheting feeling when you push the kickstart down. It will then randomly hook up and seem to work fine.

The problem "seems" to be worse when the motor is cold. This may be in my head though. 🙂

I have adjusted the clutch and the problem seems to stay the same. While playing with the adjustment, I did get the kickstart to slip so when it was hooked up, it wouldn't turn the motor over.

Now two questions -

Does this sound like a broken output shaft to you?

What are the issues with running the bike with the shaft broken. Apart from the kickstart issue, the bike sounds and seems fine.



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Mine does the same think and i did brake the output shaft so i got one from bbr with first gear and it does the same thing still. i was thinking it was the clutch cause when it is hot it works just fine. I have not tryed new clutch yet. My 110 has a 143 tb kit and heavy valve springs and does not slip on hard pulls. 🙂

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Well, you mean kick starter shaft, right?

On the 110, just like most, the K/S shaft had a floating gear with ratchet which engages a splined gear (of sorts). THe common problem is that the ratchet wears out and will only occasionally "catch". Also, there is a spring that forces the ratchet together and is held in place by a lock ring. If the lock ring comes off or the spring fails, that could be your issue.


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