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KX450f Mid Range Cutting Out. Jetting Problem? Please help! BUYING TOMORROW!

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Hey guys,

I might be picking up an 06 KXF450f tomorrow that is supposedly in great condition minus some minor carb/jetting issues. The current owner says the bike runs find at wide open but cuts out in the mid range. He says it is a jetting issue.

1. Does this sound like a jetting issue and based on the mods below what will I need to do to correct this?

2. Could it be anything else major? Valves etc?

Mods are a two brothers exhaust, air filter and Hinson clutch and basket.

Any help/advice on this would be greatly appreciated!


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not enough info to give even a guess.

could be jetting.

could be worn parts.

could be ignition related.

could be cam timing.

coudl be lots of things.

Is there any other info I can get to help someone maybe have an idea of what it is? Is there anything I should check on the bike when I look at it to determine what it could be? Without tearing it apart at the seller's house?


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