yz426 trouble starting

i just bought a 2002 yz426. its in great shape and the guy i bought it from started it first kick and showed me the bike i even round it up and down the street nothing wrong with it. well i cant kick this thing to start to save my life it will if anything run for a second or two. i read all the different ways online of how to kick it and nothing is working anyone got any ideas ?

you have the choke pulled out right? mine takes two quick twists of the throttle then do the decomp dance(hopefully that will be a thing of the past for me though, i just dropped a 450 exhaust cam in with the auto decomp :banana: ) i can't help but think if he had it running first kick then maybe it's something simple that you're missing :)

That decomp lever is a real pain. It's all in the technique. My brother takes forever to start our old 02 250f. I get on it and pow, first kick it fires up.

I had the same prob. Bought my '01 in Jan. and dude fired it up no prob. Took me for ever. Now I got it down 1-2 kicks and "POW" Remember, keep your hand off the gas. And are you pulling the black knob and not the red one?

My 426 starts pretty easy now that i got the dance down. No throttle whatsoever, actually, if you have trouble not twisting it while kicking, hold onto the handlebar or the hand guard with right hand. what i found it is very easy to "overkick" while decomping that compression stroke. you only need the kickstarter to move a tinybit past where it rests as you actuate the decomp lever. that's what i had to learn with mine. now, 1st or maybe 2nd kick and it starts. :banana:

and of course, choke out (black knob) on cold.

i only need hotstart (red knob) if i stall it with warm engine. if i turn it off with the kill button, then restarts 1st kick w/o any knobs.

edit: if the idle speed is set too low, it will make the engine harder to start. don't ask how i know this :)

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