Doug Henry

Rented Fox Greatest Hits over the holidays and there is footage of Doug Henry's crash a few years ago. ( '96, '97 ? ) Anyway was just wondering why he got so much air? He appeared to be a low flying plane over the track as he lapped riders! Was this intentional or did he have a stuck throttle situation like Mike Young of Big Gun fame encountered?

Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I seem to remember reading that he was racing someone up the hill and bobbled and ended up in a position where he for some reason couldn't let off of the gas.

It is amaizing that he recovered so well. I'm surprised that he wasn't paralized after landing and breaking his back, and then falling off of the bike to the ground. Miracles happen!

Speaking of crashes, does anyone know what has happened to Travis Pastrana after his main heat crash in San Diego?

Noticed that he was not mentioned in the listing for Anaheim.

Pastrana left the track due to dizziness said to be related to last weeks crash, you can read more about it on

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The race was Budds Creek and Henry was actually dicing with Mcgrath (team-mates at the time) for second place. They got to the top of a big drop-off where normally they would let off the gas and coast off the top and land about half way down. Henry cased the jump at the opposite end of the saddle there and got a little squirrely. He was way back on the seat and just grabbed a handful of throttle. He actually cleared a pa system cable stretched across the track about halfway down the hill. Budds Creek ran the race in the opposite direction for the next two seasons because of that crash.

In San Diego Travis Spear headed him self into the back of a whoop. He was to dazed to finish the race.

In Anaheim last Saturday night, he also suffered from dizzyness, and tweaking his knee in the whoops during the main.

It's been recently reported that he will most likely race 250's until 125 east starts.


In a race, lead or get out of the way. In life, go in the opposite direction of the masses.

Speaking of Doug Henry I got to meet him this summer when we parked at his house to go riding at a sandpit/track right next door. One of my friends grew up with him. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to ride with him yet.

Anyway, the point of my post is that it's rumored that he may be starting up a motocross school at his new place, which would be great for us 4-stroke riders. -He lives in Connecticut by the way.


By the way Mike Young didn't have a stuck throttle. I was about ten feet from him when he broke his back. He came up short on a double at Glen Helen's 4-stroke nat. The jump wasn't supposed to be a double, Lance Smail and Mike Healy were doing it. Mike tried it for the first time and came up about two feet short. It wasn't that bad but, he did go over the bars and never moved again.

Just today, I found out that a friend of mine came up short at Comp Park on Friday and ruptured his spleen and cut his liver and brused his bladder.

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I read an interview about Mike Young once online and I could swear it was a case of struck trottle, but I am obviously mistaken. Anyways guys please inform me if Doug Henry does start up a Motocross school. I am in Montreal and Connecticut is about 6-8 hours from here so I'd be into it! He seems quite articulate when compared to the other riders interviwed in Fox Greatest Hits. Sorry but had to mention it. :)

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