My rear linkage failed!!!!

This is to let you all know of a part that failed on me 82 miles into a 85 mile ISDE Desert race. The bearing failed and cut into or caused the bolt to fail on the linkage piece, this is the triangle part with 3 holes in it. It connects the rear suspension to the swingarm. The part that failed on me was the bolt on the swingarm. Dudes 82 miles into the damn race. Just 5 minutes from the finish, just thought ya'all should know, I never would have inspected this piece. Now I will.

Too bad Honda didn't beef up the bearings in that area. I've also seen it as a weak link even though mine have not yet failed. I recently dissassembled & inspected a XR250 for one of my son's friends and those same bearings were worn out in addition to the shock bearing, so I replace them. Make sure those bearings are packed well with an aluminum complex grease. Some greases are advertised as being waterpoof when in fact they are only water resistant (i.e. lithium, lithium complex, etc). Water will wash out the oil in a lithium grease and shorten the life of these bearings when compared to having them packed with an aluminum complex grease.


Just curious.

Is it possible that the bolt was cut from wear and tear between the surfaces of the swingarm mounting point and the side of the shockarm?

This has been discussed by the yahoo XR650R group.

and nicely documented on Eric Foster's "The Pig Pen"

with a couple of ideas on how to avoid this problem.

To me honest I never found the bolt, but looking at the damage it looks as if the bearings failed, I never lubed them (my bad). The bearings were all cracked I assume this wore down the bolt. Now I have heavy wear on the swing arm where this linkage rides not sure what to do here. I am trying to salvage the swing arm. I can post pics but don't know how on this site. Thanks for the pig pen site, looks very helpful.


You could build up the swingarm linkage point with JBWeld and then file it for smoothness. Add a thin aluminum shim like Eric suggests. I am going to make a couple of shims out of sheet aluminum (the kind used to make heating/AC duct work).

Posting pictures requires having server space that allows linking of pictures via an image/URL entry in your post.

Some freeserver sites allow this, some want you to pay a small monthly fee for this service.

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