not firing

Hey guys i just cleaned my carb and now it wont get any compressiong stroke. Im constantly kicking it over with no fire. Did i screw anything up? The only thing i tweaked was my pilot screw. Any thoughts? Thanks Chris

the only reason i could think of is the throttle position sensor... maybe u might have done something it but not have known... or check the spark plug cap if its not that... or maybe your plug is fouled..?? :D:)

If you had the carb' slide out, you may have put it back in upside down. I'm not sure what you mean when you say "it won't get any compression stoke". If it is kicking right through the stroke with very little effort, check that your decomp' lever cable is adjusted correctly. If it just won't fire, check the slide. Also swap the spark plug to rule out a fouled plug, or flooded condition. If it ran OK before, it will be something simple. :)

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