Where can i get a good chain/sproket kit

I've been using the Regina ORN6 as recommended from here and its been really good. now i want to replace it and Motosport doesn't have the renthal twinring with the regina chain. they dont carry this chain anymore.

where can i find a kit with this chain in it. They do have DID chains, are their o ring ones as good as the reginas??

ThumperTalk sells the ORN6 under the MSR label. They don't have "kits" per se, but that allows you to order any two sprockets you might like along with your chain.

I'm running the DID ERV3 chain with Ironman sprockets, as with any new chain I had to adjust it/tighten it after the first few hours of runtime but it's all good now (26.3 hours of MX use).

So far I'm a happy camper.

TT has 10% off, I believe, the chain grayracer mentioned.

Some have good luck with the Primary Drive combo.

thx for the replies fellas.

is a DID o ring on par with the orn6?? what about renthals r3 o ring?

I have really good luck with my current setup so i dont want to deviate too far from the mark

The R3 chain IS an ORN6, it just costs 20% more because it was relabeled.

There are several different DID O-ring and X-ring chains. The ERV3 that people are so hot for is a chain made for big road bikes, has way more tensile strength than necessary, and costs at least 30% more than an ORN6. DID has other chains at strength levels closer to the ORN6, but I don't know how they hold up from a wear resistance standpoint, or how their cost compares.

bto sports sells sprocket and chain packages for a good price, enter the code matthes for another 15% off.

I always get my replacements here

Rocky mountain sells kits, I get the primary drive o-ring with steel sprockets, I dont notice the weight difference and they last forever, and obviously you cant beat the price.

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