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xr600r Popping back

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I dont want to make this a novel, but..

I bought a 2000 xr600r. When i got it ,.. it was popping/coughing steadily... Had to run the choke on to make it run at all...

Now, I figured that jumping up the main jet would make the diff., Cause the guy i got it from was running about 5000 ft, and i'm about 2000 ft.

I jumped from a 160 to a 170 jet... (K&N filter-White Brothers Tip) and it helped a ton..

runs great ,once warmed up and at half throttle and up.

Now my prob is it "coughs/dies" at any low rpm/idle and is tough to start. even crusing down the road (Baja Kit).. at a low speed, it still coughs,.. like a tight valve... every 10-30 seconds...Completely random.

I checked the valves, and they are on the loose side if not just right..

anyone know of any other problems that could cause these prob's? When i got it from the moron that owned it obvioously never did any maintenence or had a clue. Everything..sounds and seems tight. no timing chain or lifter noise... even after the jet change, you could cook a steak to well done, 30 minutes after the motor is off.... on the case..(seems way too hot).. Ideas welcome/// Thanks...J

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