Front wheel bearing spacer size

One of the 'joys' I am discovering when putting someone elses unfinished project back together is determining if the correct parts for the bike have been supplied in the boxes.

In this case, the front wheel of my 2004 WR450F appears to have a problem:

I put on the wheel and went to tighten the front axle, only to find that the outer edge of the speedo drive was being squashed onto the hub, and that there was a gap where the inner face was meant to touch the wheel bearing inner race.

Well, I assumed that the speedo drive was the wrong part, so I ordered in a speedo eliminator, only to find it had identical dimensions.

I can only assume that the bearings in the front wheel are too close together, meaning that the bearing spacer must be the wrong width.

Does anyone happen to have their front wheel off at the moment and could measure how far recessed the speedo side bearing should be, and how wide the distance between the two outer edges of the bearings are?

My bearing is recessed 7mm, and the distance between the two outer bearing surfaces (through the hub) is 68mm. Here's a photo of the bearing recess:


If you still need this info, I will be pulling buddies front wheel off Friday.


Thanks - It certainly wouldn't hurt to know whether it is correct - especially the width between the 2 outer bearing faces (via the centre of the hub).

For the moment, I've put a small axle spacer in between the bearing and the speedo drive, which will do as a short-term fix.

I'm starting to think the whole front wheel might be off another bike/model, as the inner lip of the seal on the speedo drive doesn't touch the hub surface either - the seal lip diameter is quite a bit larger.

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