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VDR 07/04 crash

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Ok, I just gotta have a little rant about track etiquette/safety.

When you crash your bike at the track (as we all do at some point), and particularly when this happens in the landing area of a blind jump, then if you are physically able you immediately get yourself (safely) to the top of the jump to warn approaching riders, or you pick up your bike and move it (if you can do that quicker). Same goes for if you are paired-up with someone who goes down.

What you don't do, is leave your and your buddy's bikes laying across the track, while you console each other and discuss how the crash happened. So to the two guys that left their bikes laying in the landing area of the 'gravity cavity' style jump on Sunday while you stood off to the side of the track... My buddy took a dislocated radius and ulna, and multiple compound wrist fractures from landing on your shit. He is off work for the week and is due to go under the knife on Wednesday. He'll be off the bike for two to three months.

A big thanks to the other riders who subsequently did flag down oncoming bikes, and to the guy who rode my buddy's Yamaha back to the pits.

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