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94 db/a exhaust? '09 450

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The data included here was created with Morgan Curtice of Bristol Core during stationary testing on an '09 CRF 450 with the Megabomb header May '09:

FMF 4.1 with 94 dB insert -

4500 RPM 92.3 dB

5300 RPM 94.5 dB

On the track, perceived sound output was very comparable to that of an FMF Q4. I have ridden with both the 4.1 with its insert and the Q4 and cannot say there is much difference between the two with regard to performance. Both tend to have good bottom end, but lean the top out considerably, in my opinion. Other testing completed used the Jardine 94 db can with a matching header.

Jardine RT-4

> 4500 RPM 93 dB

5300 RPM 94.3 dB

The perceived sound output of the Jardine was slightly quieter than the FMF at track speeds to those who observed it.

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In any case its been proven that a pro level 450 can make more power than most can use with ama legal fuel this is power through the entire curve while meeting the 94 decibal rules .any time you cork up the end your going to loose some bottom end power but with the proper cam choice and porting you can regain that bottom end power and then some .

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