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02 Honda vs OC Yamaha

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I'm thinking of picking up an 02-04 CR250 or a 02-04 YZ250 mainly due to the cheaper price. My question is how does the older Showa suspension on the CR250 compare to the the open chamber Yamaha suspension and the 06+ SSS ?

I rode a CR250 and it rides circles around my 2005 YZ450F. If I got a 250 2T I would the suspension redone on it but if the showa stuff is good then I wouldn't have to upgrade like i would on the yamaha


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i've had both. mog has helped me in the past and you can be assured the 04 and earlier forks on the yz are deal breakers for that bike, seriously, IMO dealbreakers. i had an 02 and never got the forks worked out.

i had on 02 CR and it was very poor in the motor department, i haven't ridden newer than an 02 CR, i hear they are better but the 02 was so far off - that - dealbreaker!

however, 80% rider 20% bike - more on that later.

ok, so knowing what i know now what would i do different (if i wouldn't have bought this 06 YZ). that depends really on the specific requirements BUT, if i would have gotten that 06 YZ i would do what my buddy did, he is very happy, has dual chamber forks as well as an aluminum frame and a better motor than the 02+ CR. he found a very clean 01 CR and that bike is more than adequate. that second generation frame is fine, he has no complaints. as a bonus, if you look you can find them cheap (depending where you are) he got his for $950, i paid 2800 for my yz but i had a set of specific requirements.

one way to look at the 80/20 is that even though this is an older bike, it fills more of it's 20% with good stuff than the other two.

food for thought based on similiar and recent experiences across the board with this one!!

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