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RIDE REPORT: Erendira!

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Theres really no other place in Baja like Erendira some 9 miles off HWY 1 about 160 miles south of the boarder. It’s a self contained coastal community of with agricultural and fishing industries employing many of the locals as well as neighbors from San Vincente. It’s the only coastal settlement developed off the main highway in all of Northern Pacific Baja (except maybe Bufadora)

If you haven’t been there yet you should go and there’s dozens of reasons why you would choose Erendira. As a place to go for all of what Baja has to offer. The fishing and surfing alone are enough to try the most hardcore adventure travelers from north of the border. Hiking, camping, backpacking, kayaking, mountainbike trekking, dirt biking are among the other adventures awaiting you in this soulful and bustling little community. This past winter of 2010, Baja suffered a 30m year storm and much of northern Baja’s infrastructure was paralyzed including Erendiras access road and water facilities. The entire arroyo (sand wash) was washed out from massive flooding upstream fromSan Vincete and beyond. The federal govt. came through for the community and sent relief in pretty short order. The road was wiped out but is now looking strong.


Here are 8 reasons to visit Erendira.

1) Off Roaders paridise. To both the north and the south, off roaders of all kinds can explore from either direction for 60 miles to the north and 100 miles to the south. Much of the Baja 1000 and Baja 500 race course roads pass through and one can connect dirt roads for over 100 miles without coming to a gate or paved raod. Enjoy it while it lasts.








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2) Coyote Cals: http://www.coyotecals.com/

The towns famous “hostel” type of lodging establishment. It’s the cornerstone landmark of the town and only 14 years young- Coyote Cals caters to off-roaders and the fishing enthusiast. It’s a very special place brimming with character and features both bunk bed barracks type of accommodations (top notch as far as hostels go) as well as a few private rooms includinbg the Crows Nest with a 360 view and the Pelican with its spacious private deck and 270 degree view. Cals caters to all. No one will be bored at Coyote Cals.


The Crows Nest- Worth every bit of $60 per night . Where else can you get a 360 view like this???











Proprietors Rick and Ta are back on track with the vision for the future of Cals....#1 priority is to cater to the off road enthusiast. They are proving that in a big way.






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3) Punta Cabras, a short 3 miles north of town is small peninsula with an ithsmas. There must’ve been some goats there but now you can camp and explore around the goat trail and neighboring sand dunes.

4) SURFER’s Paradise- I know it steals the name from the famous Australian town. When there’s a swell, you will find clean waves in either direction. Punta San Jose is to the north and more well known, yet recently under=-utilized do to the negative bad press from the cities which has unnecessarily tarnished the safer reality of the rural parts of Baja. If you go south in a jeep or 4x4 you’ll find all kinds of beach and reef breaks. Amazingly, you can find good breaks that are ridable and totally deserted.




The rocks of Erendira --still passable, but barely



Outer Banks



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5)South of town. Heres where it gets very good: T the south of Erendira you have 5 miles of accessable coast line including some very exclusive beaches and reefs which can only be described as pristine. No matter what the coastal enthusiasts desire, South of Erendira will not disappoint.
















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6) Fishing-Because of its unique claim as one of the only self contained settlements off the main highway in northern Baja, Erendira’s fishing resource is abundant and attracts the hardcore angler, both weekend warrior and folks who call Erendira their second home. There’s also an abalone farming operation (just next to Coyote Cals) which is open to the public to purchase fresh raised abalone. The operation employees around 40 locals.

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7) The food. There are a handful of family kitchens and scores of taco stands dotting the dirt road which runs through town before turning up the coast. Vanias Family Kitchen Cocina Familiar is the local hotspot and hidden discretely 2 blocks off the main strip. A trip to Erendira just for a meal at Vania’s is warrented if you’re already in Northern Baja. Its that good. Also, Juan’s Fish Taco place is a sure thing every time (when he’s around).




This spot on the main drag is convenient and has a decent menu, a little on the rich side, so great if you have a hangover..


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8) It’s a safe place to be. Weather you’re riding your mountain bike up and down the coastal dirt roads or spear fishing with you family, there is no substantiated data that suggests US adventure travelers are in any heightened peril as a result of narco and cartel violence in any part of rural Baja and Erendira is in that league.

Thanks to all our new friends in Erendira. We will be coming back soon.

Special thanks to Larry at Baja Trail Rides and Rick at Coyote Cals for all they are doing to support the cause and their special attention to making the BBB2 a memorable fiesta for everyone. Sorry we will miss that one.


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That Family Kitchen place has not only solid food, but awesome people working there. I highly recommend this place to anyone who is not familiar with it, or who have not been around the area and plan on going in the future.

As always, we should all ride slow through the town. Make sure to come to a complete stop at the stop sign. Enjoy the friendly people in town. Go almost any place on the dirt, especially south.

Glad to hear you and Nicole had such a great time SB. Glad to see you rode around some well known riding landmarks along the coast. I always enjoy seeing people getting out and enjoying Baja.

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Check it out though. A lot of guys are sitting here reading this think, How tame, our little 4 day gettaway to Erendira is about as

novice as any Baja trek out there. What baja dog hasn't been through Erendira?

Well, I had a master plan the whole time. I knew my chick would be pooped out after her long rides so I booked an appointment with

Baja Trail Rides in San Vincente and met up with trail master Larry Sheftel , a guy I had asked to ride with a while back.



He’s got a real handle on the local area, as good as anyone, I’m not sure, maybe more.

His bro jack is a local badass mysto rider with all the natural skill and the balls that go with being a young man.


Larry usually brings Jack out on rides when AA riders sign up for BTR, so he doesn’t “get run over by the young guys” These guys

have it so wired, my eyes are opened as to how much potential is out there. This is a whole different ballgame. I was naive.

Racers and Ranchers bro Jim made reservations with Larry and came all the way out from Texas with his girl to hang out with Larry and

ride Baja for like 4 -5 days.



Jim and I were guided east out of town and we spent the afternoon looping around. East of San Vincente.









Riding with Larry is a real treat. I’m goin back real soon to see erendira and hang out with Larry and Jack. If you see a dude jammin around

Northern Baja on an xr400 with a fuzzy seat cover and 2-year old trials tire, thats Larry. Just introduce yourself. One of the coolest and

most laid back guys you will ever meet.

Check em out at http://www.bajatrailrides.com/index.jsp

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