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Do I have an aftermarket rear shock?

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OK I've got a feeling I'm about to make myself sound really stupid.

I was taking my carb out to do some jetting work on it today, and when I took my subframe out, I noticed I had a "Showa" sticker on my shock. The back of my shock has "MEBA" engraved in it. We'll...I guess that would be the front of the shock? I dunno, it's on the opposite side of the sticker, and the sticker is pointed towards the rear of the bike.

Does this mean I have an aftermarket shock? Or does it means "Showa" worked on my shock at one point? Or is it just totally stock and I'm being dumb? Lol. 🙂




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Showa is the company that made your shock and forks, and is stock/OEM. MEBA might be some sort of Honda part number or reference, but I'm not sure on that part. If you want to learn your suspension a little better I would suggest that you read the DIY suspension sticky at the top of the page, Dogger did an excellent job of breaking down the forks and shock, and explaining what does what.

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