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Problem with Bent Bars

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I have a 2006 CRF250x and a 1994 CR250. The CRF has rubber mounted bars, which twist in the clams in the event of a crash. This can be annoying, but stops me from bending bars very often. My CR has completely solid mounts (the mounts are actually part of the stock triples.) So almost every at-speed crash results in tweaked bars.

I want to reduce the rate I go through bars on the CR, so my questions are:

Will oversize bars, alone, help that much?

Would Fasst Flexx bars alleviate the problem? I've heard good and bad things about these, and they are very expensive.

Would a set of aftermarket triples help? (Example: http://appliedrace.com/store/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=2&products_id=1170 )

Applied is the only company I have found which still makes triples for my bike, and they have separate mounts but they are not rubber mounted as far as I can tell, so I don't know if it would really do much to help me.

Would separate but solid applied triple mounts still spin in the clamps in the event of a crash? Or would the bars bend all the same?

Obviously the cheapest way to fix this problem is to stop crashing, but sometimes I find it can't be helped.

Thanks everyone

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