Vegas 2 Reno

Just trying to figure out my pits for the Vegas to Reno, late June. Anyone else going to race it? Wanna share pit duty....

512 easy little Nevada desert miles in 10-12 hours...

Iron, I'll be there..... I'm racing Ironman Expert.. I would love to help you out with pitting but it would be impossible to share the same crew as they will be following me the whole step of the way. Did you say 10 or 12 hours?? The last time I raced this event I finished around 11pm for a total of 17 hours on the bike.... I think only pros will be finishing under 10 hours.

Best of luck to you.... :) My number is 02, come by and say hello if you see me.... Ride safe



I met you briefly at BITD Parker earlier this year. I race Ironman expert also. Would like to meet up in Vegas. Maybe at Tech? I will be out there Friday around 3. Lets meet up.

Those who pre-ran say its mostly high speed stuff. OK 14 hours! Kirk and I missed you at the Terrible.

-Mike Kay #014

Mike, The Terribles Town race was the first BITD race I have missed in a couple of years.. I had to work that weekend, but to be honest I didn't miss that rocky course all that much :). We are allowed to throw away one race in the season, that was mine.....

Take care,


This race should be very fast. The pre run proved that. You should plan on skipping pit 1 and have your pit crew go to pit 2, depending on how many people you have.

Hey Vegas guy-

Is there any 2 nd gear stuff before pit 2? I am thinking about racing with the Acerbis rear tank, and going 150 miles from Vegas to my first pit-but worried that there might be some rocky or tight stuff (its really heavy with 8 gallons of fuel!) -- Any help on this would be MUCH appreciated.



I am thinking about racing with the Acerbis rear tank, and going 150 miles from Vegas to my first pit

Mike, I'm going to be using my 3 gallon tank for this race... I'm not sure why you are considering using anything bigger (unless you have no pit support) you don't want to weigh your bike down anymore than you need to.

Don't be fooled by this race course being fast (or easy), trust me I've race this event before, it will be the hardest race you will ever be a part of, I promise...... 200 or 300 mile races don't come close to 500 plus course. I can't even drive my truck that far in one day.... Riding through silt beds at night isn't fun or fast, and when the trucks catch up it becomes a different race all together.. You'll be riding just to finish not caring how you did but just that you finished the longest race in the country (by yourself)... And as far as the first pit, I always pit at the first pit because the dust is so bad that by pit one your goggles are covered with dust on the inside.....




I have pitted riders for this race since it's beginning and seen a lot of problems with equiptment and riders.

Take Dan's advise and no offence, but I don't think you could finish with starting out carrying 8 gals of gas unless you have Paris/Dakar experience.

Chris Blais won the iron man class last year in 11:40 hrs and he basically is a pro and pitted almost at every pit.

Like Dan said, this event is tough.

Wish you guys the best of luck and as I won't be there this year I just want you to know....the "Iron man class rules". :D:)

Hey I would not worry about carrying extra gas either. This race is basicly covering the 1000 course in reverse. Pit 2 is a remote pit and unless you have extra pit people I would then suggest that you pit at 1 and skip 2. I run the 3 gallon tank as well and there is no reason you can not double up on pits if you want. There is not much to worry about early in the race but as Dan said it is a long day and the later parts of the race have some rocks and silt beds. Good luck and see ya at the races. :)

I would then suggest that you pit at 1 and skip 2

Vegas, you are the man!! This is what I'm going to do... I tell my dad and brother that I'll pit whenever it's easiest for them and me... The remote pits are out of the way for the crew and I try to skip them if gas allows it. Pit 1 isn't a problem for them but 2 is so I'll be gassing at Pit 1 and riding to 3.

Great thread :)


Racers-I totally appreciate the advice! :D Nice to see a race oriented post on here.

I have a copy of the course- and the Nevada Atlas - most of the race is on Nevada State maintained roads! Bruce Ogilvie says Johnny will finish around 1:45 pm - and average 60mph! The course is TOTALLY different from the west of Hwy 95 route last year.

Dan you guessed it- I dont have pit support, outside a 'maybe' from some cool guys i met today...its not to late to try Mag 7 and i might do that, but I've been thinking of an alternative, the coyote aproach to off road here's my plan:

The first 10 miles are going to be relatively tough-it would suck with 8 gallons on board- so I will run with the 4.6 gallon 'front'IMS tank filled and a gallon in the rear tank. That will easily get me to the town of Rachel at mile 125. So then fill up the front tank and put 2.5 gallons in the rear tank at the town gas station!! Down a powerbar and its off to the town of Tonopah for another gas station at mile 270. Then it gets tricky. Its either 8 gallons on board to the finish- or keep it light with 5-6 gallons and try to beg for gas around mile 400-425. Ive begged for gas before on long races- its really not that tough to get 2-3 gallons in a pinch...The first 55 miles out of Tonopah are maintained road + power line road (whoops?). SO I can burn off most of the weight before any tough stuff. Probably going to go fully loaded to the finsh. Maybe find someone in Vegas that could drop off 5 gallons for me at pit 12/Rawhide.

Dan- think your dad could just drop off a 5 gallon can for me at pit 12? I might even be in front of you! :D Leave it by the medical/radio guys at the end of the pit? Just an idea.

I raced Terrible with the Acerbis seat tank-just trying it out. Carried 6 gallons- 267 miles with lots of rocks--only pitted once! It worked fine- just a little bit of a pre-load issue when full.

At last Novembers Baja 1000 (super fast course) I kept thinking - why are we running 3.4 gallon tank and waisting time in the pits. Johnny averaged 60 mph there much of it was 5th gear stuff-- i cant help but think this race is going to be like that--if Bruce says Johnnie is going to average 60...well its gotta be really easy riding.

At the 1000 I ended up going thru the night with a flashlight taped to my helmet (long story). Ever been in the San Ignacio silt beds with trophy trucks at night and a flashlight to guide you? The rising sun never looked so good! I hear ya Dan- just riding to finsh. 7pm to 7 am--Dead tired. This one will be similar--am i off the mark here? :D I'm leaving for Vegas 7:30 Thursday. Dan see ya there--or in Alamo/start, along the way, or at the Hilton in Reno!! :)



Dan- think your dad could just drop off a 5 gallon can for me at pit 12? I might even be in front of you!

Mike, Yes!! Of course we will plant some gas for you, no problem.... Bring extra gas in cans and my dad will put them at any pit you please... You will be in front of me (for a few miles :)) because I'm starting in last place because I didn't pre-enter.

Hello Mike. Dan's dad here. I will help you in any way that I can. Dan will not be pitted at pit #12 Rawhide. Also I will not be at Pit #2 Seaman Wash. I will be at all others, hopefully. Pit 13 & 14 will be tight. But as the darkness & fatique sets in, the speeds tend to decrease and I should make these pits. Dan doesn't need fuel at every pit, I just like to be there for his support, plus I have the spare parts bike & tools. I can pit you at the beginning and drop off fuel at the radio trailers anywhere you like. But as the race gets on in miles, you guys will probably get spread out. I could not promise that I would be at a pit for you or that the gas would be there on time. You might want to talk to someone that is running a race truck pit. The trucks start later. These guys usually have several pit crews that do a couple of pits each. Lets talk at inspection. We will be there at about 3 to 3:30. Dan is on the #02 Yamaha. We are staying at the Suncoast Thursday night.


Well Mike, you are an irondude.

I'm impressed and I'm rootin for you. Hope all goes well.

You must have been on bike 254X or 262X in the 2002 Baja 1000, right?

Dan/Steve Lorenze,

A huge thank you for your generous offer to help at V2R!

You have the desert racing spirit that makes this sport so different from moto-x or asphalt racing.

As luck would have it I walked into Orange County Honda (i'd never been there before) 72 hours ago for some wheel bearings- and we started chit chatting, and before I left the store they hooked me up with another BRP guy here in Orange who is a BITD racer! Turns out I beat him by 60 seconds at Parker!! He is a super cool old time racer--anyway, just informed me that his buddy can drive my pick up out of Alamo/start and pit for me!!! :D

SO a giant thanks from me. I will certainly be looking for you guys out there and at future races :D

Mainjet-Thanks for the kind words. Check out Friday for real time results. There are at least a dozen guys in the Ironman class for this one-should be fun.

I was 3X at the 2002 Baja 1000- Rob Barnum insisted he be the rider of record-but we rode my bike- together with a hot blonde chick from Sweeded (check out for a real chuckle). Unfortunately we out rode the chase truck to San Ignacio and I made the wrong decision to 'go for it' without lights--thinking i could scavenge some lights from a pit or a broken down vehicle. I spent 4 hours trying to get some lights from a 4 wheeler near the silt beds to work-then gave up and rode on with a flashlight to San Javier arriving next morning. We were 6th overall, third pro going into Ignacio, and I was last Honda at the San Juanico Honda pit 120 miles south! :D The hot Sweedish girl never really liked me any more after that! And I'm not sure Rob will ever get over it...! :)

Anyway root for Dan and I- we both have a shot at the #1 Ironman plate- especially if the current Ironman points leader on his buzzy KX500 holes a piston somewhere south of Tonopah trying to hang with the BRP's! (finally a BITD race where the BRP has the advantage).

thanks again,


I was 3X at the 2002 Baja

Anyway root for Dan and I- we both have a shot at the #1 Ironman plate-

Mike....didn't realize who you were. You can carry all the gas you want.LOL

I had pit #10 at the Baja 1000 and gassed your bike @ 4:53:07. The swedish chick was lucky because of the help she got from Tim Morton. She needed lights at my pit.

I will keep tabs on you and Dan thru on Friday when my boss isn't looking. :)

Just make sure you have that blinking light on the back of your chest protector late into the race.

Best of luck. :D

I am looking forward to a Monday morning personal race report. Ok OK, if you can not straighten your figures out, Tuesday will be fine.



Davidr, I should be able to give you a full wrap-up on Monday. :)

V2R post race follow up...well with this new wrist brace I can sort of type!

First: Congrats to Kawasaki for their first and third places. Congrats to Heng and Johnny for their early battle with the dust to get with a handfull of minutes. Condolences to the those who suffered a loss at mile 10.

2nd: A huge thank you to the quad guy who stopped for me in the powder at mile 140 and lifted the BRP off of me after my 5th gear get off! Nothing some Alleve, and a wrist brace wont take care of...thank god for those Asterisk knee braces- they took the full impact of me under a high siding 300 pound bike hitting the ground at 70mph. I was totally pinned under the bike-couldnt get it off me!!

The fist 120 miles were SUPER dusty, leading to some bad get offs, missed turns (bunch of us missed a turn around mile 33-riding into pit one, and then riding back 5 miles to the course!!) and clogged airfilters. But other than the dust -the early course layout was great. Super mixed with high speed smooth, mixed Juniper forest tight then fast, and tight sand wash and even some paved stuff were one could wipe out the inside of those dusty goggles. Second 150 miles SUCKED as everyone behind the pro quads dealt with footpeg deep quad churned talc like powder that reduced the mid pack 2 wheelers to giving up on the course in sections and riding across the sage brush. And that tunnel was to low--very creepy! Yeah yeah- thats Nevada!

By pit 9 I had lost so much time with a throttle hand wrist that didnt work anymore-plus ribs that felt like they were sticking out, various puncture wounds and a bike that needed some serious straightening - I called it a day. 150 miles riding injured with 220 to go was more than this old dude wanted to do. My helmet off to those tuff hombres who finished it Ironmaning!! :)

Dan- pick it up and tell us how the next 6 hours went!!!

Heres some stuff/rumors that surfaced:

Honda WILL be pitting the Baja 1000. Kawasaki pitted 6 riders in this race and intends to do more pitting for Kawi riders in the BITD future-but not Baja. Running two tanks of fuel with more than 5 gallons just doesnt work with the BRP. Wont be doing that again!! :D That Goop product that hikers use actually does a great job of balancing the blood sugar. Aggressive front tires (ie Michelin Desert) are horrible in rutted powder-they keep trying to climb up the sides and out of the ruts-while the rear digs deeper into the rut-potentially leading to catastrophic high speed high siding!!!!! :D

I will be sidelined till the Baja 300 in August. Lets start a Baja 300 string in a month or so. Dan-how'd ya do!???



Mike, First off the news about the over 35 expert getting killed was horrible, I feel so bad for his family. Just the thought of his friends and family driving his truck home without him from Reno depresses me. :D I heard it was mile 13 when he fell off course and broke his neck. Sucks!!!

A good friend of mine Dal Truby also went down hard on his 525, he face planted into the ground braking his helmet in half leaving him with numerous cuts and scrapes, he was taken to a Reno hospital and released later in the day..

My friend Travis on an XT told me that he ran out of gas but a "guy on an XR with 8 gallons" stopped and gave him gas so he could finish the race. If this was you Mike, Thanks!!!! :)

Since you and I started last it was easy to tell what place we were in. I had a really good day finishing under 11 hours, only getting beat by KTM's Rick Bozarth and another Yamaha rider. Casey told me that I got 3rd, but I've yet to see the results...

I'm glad that you made it home safe :D. has some photos up already, you should check it out..

Take care, Dan


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