Vegas 2 Reno

Huge Congrats to you Dan- impressive achievement! :)

Travis looked so bummed out there in the middle of the desert out of gas-and with 8 gallons, and me just putting- post crash, I couldnt pass up an opportunity to lighten my beast!!! 027 needs to get a new bike!

It seems there was an unusual number of serious get-offs. I've came accross several. Might explain why I couldnt find any medical staff at pits 5,6,7,8 or 9! In fact at pit 9 there was a guy 2 miles out with a broken collar bone who waited 1 1/2 hours for help. The BITD radio dude in pit 9 only went to get him after I threatened to go get him on my broken bike with my broken bones! (he kept asking what would Casey say!!) I assume the medical guys were busy with the other emergencies....dust + high speed = bad stuff.

Just FYI-- I'm trying to get Rob Barnum to join us in Baja to do some pitting, etc, for the 300. Maybe join forces down there in a couple months?-I know of 3 teams who are going to race-if you can find 3-4 more maybe we can all put together a pit effort-or at least some fun pre-running.

Any other thumpertalkers want to get your feet wet with an 'easy' Baja race? Feel free to join us! :D----BITD Baja 300 September 22, Ensenada to Ensenada.




What's going on man, you aren't supposed to fall. We made it all the way through Mike's loop and you didn't get off once. Hmmm, do I really want to race the 1000 with you... :) Just kidding. That sucks that you hurt yourself, but as they say [@#$%&*!] happens. I think that saying deserves one of those little icons. Would be a great one. So what is the extent of the injuries. Nothing broken is it? What happened to the bike?

I finally dropped off my bike at Precision. They are going to rip it apart and see what is wrong with it. They said they could know in a few days.

Anyhow, glad to hear that you made it home somewhat safely and at least on your own. That is really too bad about the broken neck guy. That is a horrible thought of knowing that somebody had to drive home without him. REALLY puts things into perpective doenst it.

Alright irondude, hope you heal quickly, I do not want you to fall out of shape, we are going to need you this fall. Get on the stationary bike in the meantime.

Talk to you later.

Congratulations Dan, sounds like you had a very good ride!! :)

My condolences to the family of the fatally injured rider. These things are never easy.

Rock, :)

Congrats Dan! And Irondude! :D Cant wait to ride with ya....or I mean behind ya :)

My thoughts go out to the family of #616 Todd Carey. That is horrible news :D

So long ........


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