'01 YZ Alum sub-frame on '99 WR - any problems?

Title says it all. I'm looking to shave a little weight. How much less does the alum one weigh than my steel sub-frame. I've already removed the overflow tank so that's not an issue.


I put a YZ alum' subframe on my WR and I think it was a little over a pound lighter. Someone else here may know exact weights. The best thing I noticed was the rear of the bike now feels a lot more rigid than the steel original. :)

There were some posts on this topic about 8 months ago. Your guess is about the same as my failing memory. No overflow tank, no problems.

Search and confirm before you spend the bucks. Or borrow a friend's subframe to check.

I swapped mine with a yz guy who wanted a catch tank.

Theyz one feels no different to me.

It looks tricker though!

Maybe I'll polish it... :)

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