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Preparing for and competing in enduro

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The last enduro event I did was a 3 hour and I did it solo.

I tried to prepare a bit for it on the day so I would have plenty of energy:

Had a massive feed of fried rice for Breakfast

I probably drunk about 1 litre of water before it started

A couple of bananas before the event

During the race:

I had a camel back on which I was sipping through the race

Each fuel stop I would eat a bannana and have a bit of powerade

Towards the end I was running out of energy so I had some chocolate and more powerade, It got me going for the last few laps but I was starting to fall in a heap by the last lap.

In a couple of weekends time I will be doing a 4 hour solo on a similiar track.

I am looking on tips to improve my energy level through the race. I will look for ways to improve energy loss on the bike in the other forum. But I am looking from a health persepctive here.

Also, the track was extremely rutted, slow and techinical. Meaning a lot of time was spent sitting down. I got some terrible monkey butt by the end of it, but it felt far worse the days after the race. Any tips? products to use?

So what should I eat and what amount leading up to and during the race?

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You should hydrate the whole week before the race. Drink a gallon a day, everyday leading up to the event. Water works best for me but some people like a product called excellerade. Think you get at gnc store. others have tried pedilite you can get at wal mart or grocery store in baby food section. It has alot of electrolytes and prevents dehydration. only drink on race day after you have drank water all week. Good luck:ride:

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