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How to check a used bike

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not to be a D**** but.... search feature dude covered a lot

but besides what was said above

ask about any work and make sure they can provide receipts

look at the wear on the case to gauge how hard it was ridden

look if the wheels are true, frame is straight

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Also check the radiators for damage, turn the handlbars full left and right- should be smooth not rough, ask them how often they clean the air filter, grease the bearings, and change the tranny oil. In my experience when you ask the seller a direct question, they will most likely give you an honest answer. For better or worse.

One of my biggest indicators is how clean the bike is overall. If its nice and clean the owner probably took care of it, if its dirty they probably didn't. Also I'd rather buy from an old fart like me vs. a young kid.

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