Off Topic: Honda car repair in So Cal

When I'm not terrorizing the message boards I'm a Honda (car, not bike) mechanic at a Honda dealership. I've been there for 7 years and have been working on Honda cars for years before that as well. This year business has been pretty slow so I don't have any spare cash to spend in the Thumper Talk online store and my bikes are in need of some more cool parts. If any of you, your friends, or family members need maintenance or repair for your Honda automobile I do work for 1/3 less than the Honda dealer's advertised coupon special prices. I use all the same genuine Honda factory parts and all work is performed by me, a factory trained Honda technician. I'm located in Orange County, California and I offer one day service. On regular maintenance items like a major service (due every 30,000 miles), brakes, or timing belt replacement I can save you some money.

Please keep my email for possible future work and feel free to email me for an estimate. Thank you! :)

My email is

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