Hey - remember me

Hey TT'ers, remember me.... I am the guy who in February said that there was some sort of design problem with the WR450, and it had been put on production hold. <ul type="square"> For months after that I took a beating from everyone on TT. It turns out I was right on the money. It was called a Woodruff Key. :)

Well now that that is all behind us I am pleased to say that this is unquestionably the best Woods Bike ever built. I have left all of my riding buddies in the dust.

Has anyone won their class in an Enduro on the 450?

Actually there is no problem what so ever with the woodruff key, its the matting surface between the flywheel and crank thats the problem, it's just been given the name "woodruff key problem" for some reason. Guess it's easier to say.

I got no first but a 2nd and 3rd in Vet A in the RMEC on mine.

Yes there is a problem, no it's not the woodruff key it's was the taper between the rotor and crank. Having both the rotor and crank replaced when my key sheared I don't know which was at fault. However the new parts were checked before installation and found to have nearly 100% contact patch and were installed without lapping or glueing and have had no problems since. A fellow GNCC'er that has had 3 rotors glued on all sheared the key again and wasn't cured until the crank was replaced. By the way the key has not changed we ordered some and they have a date code 10/88. I've contacted Yamaha about the "slipgears" (intermediate starter gears) and was told that once they were approved (the testing continues)they would be available.

"Actually there is no problem what so ever with the woodruff key"

Untill it breaks... :)

I got my best score yet in a enduro on my 450,but stopping for my good freind who tore his ACL kept me out of the trophys. I did place for the first time since I started racing again at the first hare scramble I took the 450 to.

This bike is FUN to ride!

Hey remember me?.......Unfortunately. :D

Welcome back Bamy!! Only you could start a thread based on speculation all the while patting your self on the back. :)

Ok Adam you have a point there.

LOL. :lol:Sometimes I can't help being a smartass. :)

It's slow here at work so the forum keeps from going crazy. Well..................almost.

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