How far on stock tank

I have a 2000 426 and have yet to race it in harescrambles.

Roughly how long or how many miles can a stock tank go? I know there are many factors....Thanks


I get about 1 gal per hour, speeds average 30 mph, so 30 mpg in our HS series (fairly open, no trees, at 5000 ft ASL).

I get about 60 miles or so out of a tank, hauling azz.

That's in MI at 70-80 degrees, I'm not real sure of our elevation here.

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I've ridden 2hours in sand with a combination of wide open and tight trails. stock jetting @ 75 degrees, only fumes left. !.5 hours on a hard pack motocross track, with a little fuel left. I don't think I would chance a 2 hour hare scrambles though. Wisconsin, elevation about 1000 ft.

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