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spark arrestor question

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Ok so after a very intense ride saturday I managed to bust a hole in the case cover right by the oil fill hole and dump all my oil out on the trail:foul: and got to push the bike over the boulders and through the river for a few miles home:banghead:... anyways thats my problem not your guys' which brings me to my question:

As i'm sitting around thinking about how I'm not riding:cry: I decide to do the 'free mods' on my bike. I did the gray wire unplug and tape (no idea why people seem to think its difficult) and took the baffel out of the exhaust (intake snorkle/throttle stop were done before I bought it with 199 miles) and I have a question with the spark arrestor: How much power will I gain (not necessarily numbers but where will I feel it and how much will I feel) from just the baffel and how much if I take the stock spark arrestor out too? (looks like a cylinder)(2008 wr450)? Is it worth it to buy the gytr cone shape spark arrestor because it flows so much better than the cylinder style I have?

also how much extra noise have I just given myself (baffel out,) is there a difference if I take the spark arrestor out too? I don't mind a little bit louder but I Hate crazy loud bikes especially when I ride in the canyons.

Thanks in advance

ps these things will already do 60 in 3rd, with the gray wire now unplugged will it get a little more top end or will I just get there faster? 🙂

Thanks again, I ask because I cant exactly go start it up and see for myself right now and i'd love to know what happy supprises await me :banana:

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I doubt many people are pulling the sparky out of their stock exhausts. Most just buy pipes and run quite core inserts along with a spark arrester.

You def. do not want to run without one. The fine would be almost as expensive as a new pipe (at least he in Cal).

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