Idle issues

Hi all I have a 2001 WR426 UK spec bike, I rode it for the first time today and have a sight issue with the idle on it, if any one can help I would be very greatful.

When the bike comes up to a stop the revs are quite high and if left will raise a little, if I place a load on the engine ( 1st gear and drag the clutch ) the revs drop and the engine lacks power and can stall .

The Throttle snaps back ok when you remove your hand so the slide/ cables are free ( i think ).

Thanks for your help .


Sounds like you're lean on the pilot circuit. Either too small a pilot jet or perhaps a vacuum leak at the intake boot. What size jets are in the bike? Also if you've had the carb apart make sure the slide plate is installed correctly (cutout side down).

.....or possibly the pilot jet is clogged (replace it) or merely the fuel screw needs some adjusting.

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