Need of rejetting when changing from stock to WB E-series exhaust?

Hi i'm waiting for my White Brother e-series exhaust system to arrive and i'm trying to figure out which jets need to be changed and to which sizes. My wr is an eurepean model without trottle restriction, and without possibilities to mod the std. exchaust. I'm planning to remove the snorkel from the airbox lid when i install the new exhuast system.

Can you guys help me out?? :)



take the snorkel out now, it makes the bike run much better and doesnt require any jetting changes :)

sorry cant give you any advice on jetting for yor new zorst, am about to do a simliar thing myself, but am gonna remove the whole airbox lid. (I'm going to give stan YZ jetting a go, needle to E series and jets a little leaner, I'm hoping with an open exhaust and lid off that'll give me a better starting point than stan wr jetting)

You will be fine. I went the other way and removed discs from my WB-E and now way too rich and still noisy. Good luck

Dont!!!! I repeat DONT!!! remove the snorkle until u get the jetting.

The reason is that,the WR is already leaned out.Removing the snorkle will lean it out even more that gets dangerous.Wait until u get the jetting done then either drill the air box or remove the whole top. thats after u fatten it up a little.


stick to a 162-165MJ with that open exhaust.


Thanks, i thaught i had to go a little richer with a more open exhaust... Now i'll just have to wait for my new system.. :)


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