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Need help jetting my Honda 06 CR 250F

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Hello everyone, I just bought a friends 06 Crf 250R and its bogging if I hit the throttle hard. Another one of our friends did a mod to the carb where he zip tied the accelerator pump open I believe. Tomorrow I will be pulling the carb to find out what jets are in the carb and see exactly what is going on. When bought the bike he also included a sunline calibrated fuel mixture screw for the keihin fcr carburetors.

Can anyone provide a good walk through of the proper jetting or mods I can do to the stock carb to get rid of the bog? Do you suggest using the sunline mixture screw? I'm at sea level in 60-110 deg heats.

Thank you very much for the help.


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Do not use that fuel screw. Get an a stainless steel or brass one instead.

O-Ring Mod and AP Tuning

After you have done the oring and the leak jet, get the bike fully heated.

If the bike still has a bog, remove the throttle wheel cover. Turn the AP timing screww CCW 1/2 turn and test ride (do not just rev it standing still, ride it normally). Repeat if needed. Typically, 1/2 turn does it but some have had to turn it as much as 2 turns. Make sure you note down exactly how much you turned it.

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