2009 WR450F Oil Worries!

Doing the AIS removal and some other goodies on the bike this weekend.

I checked the oil and found the dipstick to be bone dry.

I then, shaking, went to the manual and read that I need to warm up the engine first for 3 minutes.

I cannot warm it up first because the AIS removal is not done yet (i.e. bike is apart) but will not be able to sleep until I find the real answer.

The dipstick is bone dry.

The bike is level on a stand.

I added a quart and still not see the dipstick getting wet at all.

This cannot be. Oil has not leaked out and the bike is practically new.

I read conflicting posts about the over filling and not.

The manual says to fill it until the A (but as far as I can see the A mark appears to sit above the top of the filler cap (height wise) so oil would come out first out of the filler cap if I were to keep adding oil.

My biggest worry is that I may have ridden the bike (albeit a couple of 10 minutes test rides) without any oil or very little oil....

Totally normal, the oil all seeps into the crankcase when the oil pump is not running. When you add oil it is also going in the crankcase so that's why you saw no change.You now have too much oil and need to drain and add one quart.


my biggest worry was to have had run the engine without oil....

You now have too much oil and need to drain and add one quart.

Probably - unless the bike was dry to begin with and now he has the right amount; but that's unlikely.

The best thing to do here, testrada, is to drain the oil and measure how much was drained (should be about two quarts if trialbc is correct, which I expect that he is). Then fill the bike with 1qt of oil if you don't replace the filter, and 1L (1.06 qt) if you replace the filter. If you get out about 2 quarts, no worries. :)

However, since you probably overfilled the crankcase, I would not run the engine like the manual says before draining the oil. I'd just drain the oil cold because it's hard on the engine to run it with an over-full crankcase.

will do

thanks again

I always tell those that are terrified they have no oil to drain the tank and engine. Then add the correct amount. No worries.

BTW, I check my oil right after each ride. I know it is full (topping off if needed). That way, I never have to be terrified on start up that there is enough in it.

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