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YZ250F 07 vs 08 big bore kits

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I'm in the market for a big bore kit for my sons 2008YZ250F.

I found 2 kits on ebay (YZ 250F JE 290CC BIG BORE CYLINDER KIT)

that seem to be identical except one says it's for 2001-07($379.95)

and the other says it's for 2001-09($429.99).

How can this be? Is there a difference between 07 and 08?

Well, I looked up the OME prt#'s for the rings, piston and cylinder.

The rings and cylinder part #'s for 07 are the same as 08 but the

pistons are not; 07 - 5NL-11633-00-00

08 - 5XC-11631-00-00

I also checked the part numbers for the cams, crank shaft and valves.

They all jive from 07 to 08. The cylinder head assemblys even have

the same part #.

What gives? Should I cheap-out or spend the extra $50 to be safe?

Maybe some one can enlighten me.

thanx joey

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thanks supa.

I e-mailed the seller on ebay and this is what he said;

"They just havent been updating the product years from the manufacture. they accually fit up to the 2010."

thanx joey

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